Product Questions

Q: I've never used a shampoo bar before, what should I expect? 

A: We suggest doing some reading on making the switch to natural products and transitioning to shampoo barsAs shampoo bars are made from high concentrations of oil and butter, it can feel quite different on the hair than commercial/bottled shampoo. It will require a bit of trial and error for the first couple of weeks to find what method suits you best. 

Q: How should I store my shampoo bar so it lasts longer? 

A: You should store your bar away from water. Either on the basin, in a tin, in a soap dish or hanging in a shampoo saver net. If you store your bar in water, the water will degrade the shampoo bar. Keep your bar dry between uses. You can even cut your bar in half and only use one part of the bar at a time. 


Q: How often should I apply hair butter to my hair? 

A: Our hair butters are highly concentrated with butters and oils and contain no water, meaning applying this product daily will cause product build-up. You can use the hair butter as a pre-poo treatment before washing, which helps to protect your hair from the harsh process of washing and will leave your hair feeling more moisturised and less dry afterwards. Or, you could use the hair butter as a leave-in treatment when wearing protective styles. Read more on hair butters here.


Q: How often should I apply the Flax & Aloe Hydrating Gel to my hair? 

A: Gel should only be applied after your hair has been freshly washed and when your hair is still damp to help seal in water to create hydration. Applying gel on top of dirty hair which has days of product in it will only cause product-build up. 


Q: Do your products need to be refrigerated? 

A: The only product of ours that must be refrigerated is the Flax & Aloe Hydrating Gel. When refrigerated, the texture of the gel is improved and the product keeps longer. You may find you will need to refrigerate our range of hair butters during the summer as they will melt on extremely hot days. 


Q: How often should I wash my hair if I'm using your shampoo and conditioner bars? 

A: To begin with, wash as often as you normally would. Some people find that works just fine but others will report a "waxy" or "gummy" feel to the hair. This can happen, especially during the "transition phase". Try washing your hair more than once at a time or try a ACV or bi-carb rinse while your hair is transitioning. 

General Questions

Q: Do you do wholesale orders? 

A: Yes we do. Please email us at to discuss with us further. 


Q: Do you supply samples to customers? 

A: Unfortunately, no. Natural products respond differently to many people. For example, someone who has been using natural products for years may benefit from just one application of our products but others who are switching from commercial products, may need to stick to our products for a number of weeks to see positive results hence why samples are not feasible. 


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes we do. We currently ship to NZ, United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico. If you are located elsewhere and would like to purchase from us, simply email us at to discuss.