Our ingredients

It was all a dream! Now we’re here and so are you. We wouldn’t base our dreams on chemicals and parabens and neither should you. Our promise to you, is a promise to ourselves: to provide high quality, 100% natural, eco-friendly products for you and your kin. All of the products you see, Creed & Colour meticulously handmade after a careful selection process and after testing on ourselves and our family – no animals, ever! We take so much pride in our products and are so excited to share it with you. Let’s grow and shine together.


Eco Ethics

We feel an enormous responsibility that our impact on Earth is minimal. Creed & Colour endeavours to use recyclable packaging. Everything we use to package and send your products in is perfect for the compost and the recycle bin. We hope to keep altering and progressing our packaging techniques to ensure we deliver you the best choice for sustainability.