Our Story

Creed and Colour offers more than just hair care products, our mission is to offer eco-friendly products, made from the highest quality ingredients.

Our Products

We are based in Melbourne, Australia we hand-make our entire range through sourcing the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients. We use all natural and organic ingredients to ensure the standard of our products are high. Since we opened online in 2018, we've studied and tested and retested our products, continually developing and enhancing our products to create 100% grey-water friendly products for the whole family. 

We test and retest all of our products on ourselves, and rely on feedback from friends, family and extended family. You can trust our products are made with love, for the people we love.

Our Global Footprint 

Along with being grey-water safe, our products are packaged in recyclable and compostable materials! We chose aluminium for our product packaging as aluminium is the most recyclable of all materials. Rather than plastic, aluminium can be recycled directly back into itself over and over again. 

We also pack your products in recyclable and compostable materials to ensure our impact is as minimal as possible. We're all about encouraging a circular economy where reduction, repurposing and reusing is adapted.

The Founders

Founded by two partners Evie Wright and Batsi Mutatiri, Creed and Colour began with a dream to create environmentally conscious products that won’t sacrifice or compromise our health. 

Evie suffered from dry and damaged hair from years of dyeing, bleaching and manipulating her hair. When it was time to recover and start her natural hair journey, it was hard to find natural products in Australia that helped heal from the inside out. Thus came the creation of our line of natural hair care products. 

Batsi wore dreads for years and always struggled to find the right products that maintained his dreads and kept them feeling clean and fresh. After countless recipes, we created our CreedWax and Flax and Aloe Gel which kept his locs intact! We got so obsessed with making and sharing our products, that we decided to bring it to the world!

Spread the News!

If you like our products please spread the word by telling your family and friends, sharing the love on your social media and by leaving a product review. The support really helps and together we can help spread quality hair care and less plastic.