What you need to know about your medium porosity hair….

What is porosity? 

Porosity is the term for how porous your hair cuticle is. Think of the hair cuticle like a thatched roof and porosity like the shingles. The tighter the shingles on the roof, the less amount of water will be let into the house. The looser the shingles on the roof, the more water will be let into the house. In this article, we are talking about medium-porosity hair. We will cover how to find out what your hair porosity is, what medium-porosity is and the do’s and don’ts for medium porosity hair. It is vitally important you know and understand what porosity your hair is to ensure you are using the correct products for you.


How to test…

Simply grab a glass of water and place one of your hair strands in the water. Leave it alone for five minutes, enough for the hair strand to absorb the water. After five minutes, if the hair strand is still floating on the top of the water, this indicates low porosity hair. If the hair strand has sunk to the bottom of the glass, this indicates high porosity hair. If the hair strand is floating in the middle, this indicates medium porosity (see image below for reference).


What is medium porosity hair?

Medium porosity hair is usually hair that is the most resilient and often the type of hair that requires the least amount of maintenance. This is because the cuticle is slightly looser than low-porosity hair and allows the perfect amount of moisture to enter into the cuticle while preventing too much from escaping (see image below). Medium porosity can require different things at different times and this type of hair is very seasonal, changing often. With medium porosity hair, it is more about maintaining healthy hair and normal porosity levels rather than trying to adapt like low porosity and high porosity hair.

(image from Naturally Curly.com)  

Do’s and don’ts

  • Don’t overuse regular styling products. With medium porosity hair, you want to avoid damaging your hair and turning your hair into high porosity hair. This means using the correct amount of product and not overusing products which weaken the condition of your hair.

  • Do protect your hair from sun, wind and frost! A daily leave-in conditioner spray, appropriate headwear like hats and beanies or protective styles to ensure your hair is protected from the elements.

  • Do maintain normal moisture and hydration levels by incorporating moisturising products, leave-in conditioners and deep conditioners into your hair care regime.

  • Do use a heavier oil for this hair type because the cuticle is slightly looser than a low-porosity hair cuticle so a heavier oil can moisturise the cuticle deeper.

  • Don’t use chemical treatments. These will increase the risk of your hair turning into high porosity hair by damaging the cuticle of the hair.


Medium porosity hair is all about maintaining your resilient, low maintenance hair cuticles by employing a positive hair care regime that meets the needs of your hair. It’s all about protection for the medium po’s!



Photo by Bobby Rodriguezz on Unsplash

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