Reusing & recycling your Creed & Colour tins and bottles

We use aluminium tins and bottles as it is the most recycled container in the world! According to the Australian Aluminium council, over 75% of aluminium ever made are still in use today! And while recycling is great, reusing your tins and bottles for another purpose is even better.

Here are four ways you can reuse your Creed and Colour bottles and tins before you pop them in the recycling bin. 


  1. Reuse your Flax and Aloe Styling Gel pump bottle for your own hand-wash! Instead of going and buying a new hand-wash bottle every time you run out, you can either make your own solution or simply buy a large refill bottle, negating the need to buy a new bottle and pump every-time! 

  2. Reuse your Avo & Coco Leave-in Conditioner spray bottle for your own multi-purpose cleaner. Trigger spray bottles are great for reusing for other purposes. Pinterest has plenty of DIY multipurpose recipes you can look at. Our favourite is one part vinegar to one part water, with 10 drops of clove essential oil. 

  3. Clean your tin out, dry it and then use it for shampoo bar storage. Your shampoo bar needs a clean, dry place in between use and a tin is a great place to store it. You can even use your repurposed tin to store your shampoo bar and take travelling. 

  4. Fill your empty Avo & Coco Leave-in Conditioner spray bottle with water and use it to refresh your curlsWater is the number one way to add hydration to your hair.




Banner Photo by Марьян Блан | @marjanblan on Unsplash

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